How to Draw a Stallion, Mustang Stallion


For this tutorial I used HB and 3B "Primo Euro Blend" charcoal pencils. These are a bit softer than regular charcoal pencils and a lot easier to blend. You can also use regular HB and 4B charcoal pencils or HB and 3B graphite pencils for this drawing   


Start out by making a basic representation of the horse using basic shapes and guidelines. I used an HB pencil for this step. Sketch as lightly as you can.


Start using slightly bolder lines to add basic features and define the horse a bit more. Start with the head then work you way down the neck and then sketch in the horse's mane.


Finish defining the head, neck, and mane. Erase as much of your guidelines as you can.


Define the front legs and the rest of your torso. Erase you guidelines here as well. Don't worry too much if you can't completely get rid of your guidelines and stray lines.


I used a 3B pencil to lightly and roughly shade in the background. Barely touch the paper and try to slant you pencil as much as you can to get broad strokes.


Use a blending stump, cloth, or paper towel to lightly smooth over your background shading.


Using a 3B pencil roughly add in the shading on the stallion's head. Just aim to get a basic idea of the shading down, don't worry about details just yet.


Add a smoother more refined layer of shading with an HB pencil. Use the HB pencil to sort of blend in the previous shading.


What you use to smooth out your shading is up to you. Here I used a kneaded eraser to both blend in my shading and lighten up my shading here and there. I also defined the upper left corner of the background here as well.


Use a 3B pencil to roughly shade in the horse's neck. Concentrate on the neck before moving on to the mane.


Use the 3B pencil again to draw in the horse's thick mane. Make your strokes follow the flow of the mane hair. Don't just scribble your shading in.


Use a blending stump to smooth out the mane and the background. Don't worry too much about losing details, just try to make your shading as smooth as you can.


Using a kneaded eraser I added a bit of highlight to the background behind the mane. I then used an HB pencil to add a bit of detail to the mane.


Mover back to the neck and use an HB pencil to add some more refined shading.


Here I used a kneaded eraser again to blend in my shading and add some highlights. You can also use a blending stump to smooth out your shading if kneaded erasers aren't doing the job.


Start work on the horse's foremost leg and the rest of its chest. Use a 3B pencil again to quickly add rough shading.


Use an HB pencil to refine your shading some more. Add some more definition to the muscles, hair, shadows, and outlines.


Use a kneaded eraser/blending stump to smooth out your shading. Use an eraser to lighten up your shading wherever highlights are needed.


Use a 3B pencil to add rough shading to the other leg. Add some rough shading to the bottom left corner of the background as well.


Use and HB pencil to define the leg. Make defining the legs outline your first priority then fill in the rest of the shading.


Smooth out the shading on your leg and background. I depended mostly on a blending stump for shading here. Add more 3B shading to the background if you would like it to be darker.


Use a 3B pencil to roughly shade in the rest of the drawing. There aren't very many details left to worry about so it doesn't matter too much how rough your shading is here.


Use a blending stump to smooth out your shading. You can darken your shading some more by adding more layers with a 3B pencil and then blending your shading in again.


Finish up you drawing by defining your shading a bit with an HB pencil. Try to go over your drawing here and there with a blending stump to smooth out some of your shading. Just remember not to blend too much since blending also takes away most of yo   

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March 27, 2013

Description: Hey everyone, here's a tutorial on how to draw a mustang stallion. This drawing was created with "Euro Blend: charcoal but any charcoal or graphite pencils can be used to the same effect. So, grab your supplies and try it out!

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