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How to Draw a Portal Cake

Artist: phoenixcelestius / June 27, 2012
How to Draw a Portal Cake

Step 1.

We will draw the cake with the airbrush tool, so select it now. Also select an appropriate shade of brown. Now, gently draw the outline of the rim of the cake. If it comes out too light, darken it until it looks something like this.

Step 2.

Color in the ring with the same color. Make sure to make it nice and dark, with as few white spaces as possible. Try not to let your brush strokes show.

Step 3.

Draw the side and base of the cake with a slightly lighter shade of brown. Darken the border.

Step 4.

Now, color in the side of the cake with vertical brush strokes. Make them reasonably dark.

Step 5.

To make the side appear more smooth, we will do a cross-hatching of sorts: continue to color the side of the cake with horizontal brush strokes that run along the curve of the cake side.

Step 6.

Make the brush size smaller, and choose a slightly darker shade of brown. Make small, vertical, slightly curved brush strokes (chocolate pieces) along the side of the cake. Make them dense, because the cake is supposed to be covered with them.

Step 7.

Now for the fun part: adding decorations! Make the brush slightly bigger now, and choose the color white. Make eight big dots with that brush along the rim of the cake, like so. These are the dollops of cream.

Step 8.

Add cherries on top of each dollop of cream by making the brush slightly smaller, choosing red, and making a red dot directly above each white dot. Make sure that the white dollops still show under the cherries, though.

Step 9.

And finally, add the candle. The candle is supposed to be white, but pure white wouldn't work against a pure white background, so I used gray. Make the brush smaller again, and paint the candlestick in the middle of the cake. Then draw the fire: star   

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Artist: phoenixcelestius
Date Added: June 27, 2012
Steps: 9
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Description: Love Portal? Love the cake? Well, look no further - with this extraordinarily simple digital art tutorial, the cake will no longer be a lie!