How to Draw a Poinsettia

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Start with a circle for the flowers shape, and then add another smaller shape in the center. You will then draw six lines for each petal.


Now sketch out all shapes of each petal that you see here, and notice how the edges are far from being straight lined. They should be wavy, and full of life.


Continue to draw the remainder of the petals, and then when you are done, begin sketching out the large bed of leaves that the flower or bloom seems to rest on. Be sure the leaf edges are serrated looking, and you also add the ribs for definition, an   


Now draw in the pistils in the center, and that's it, you are done.


This is how the poinsettia should come out looking like when you are done. Now all you have to do is color it in. Great job people!

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September 20, 2010

Description: After I submitted the tutorial on the pretty Christmas flowers we all know of as poinsettias, someone asked if I could do another lesson on "how to draw a poinsettia", step by step. Now as you know, I already talked to you guys about the flower in the previous tutorial, so there really isn’t too much to say about the flower as of right now. I can tell you that this flower is going to be easy to draw because it basically looks like a big eight pointed star. The leaves sit nice and snug under the red blooms, and the great thing is, you can color your petals either red or white. I love when my grandmother decorates her house during the Christmas holiday because she buys all different sized poinsettias and places them decoratively all over her house. Like the last tutorial, you will approach the lesson like you were drawing a set. You can even draw a bundle of poinsettias and sketch out a nice festive pot to put them in instead of a vase. No matter what you choose to do, I think you should enjoy drawing a poinsettia to your liking. I don’t have any more tutorials for you today, but I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun, and later on today as I draw Live for you all. See ya soon, and make sure you tune in to Live Stream at eight, Peace!

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