How to Draw a Neck

How to Draw a Neck
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Now when it comes to drawing necks, you have to keep in mind that the human neck comes in many sizes, and shapes. Some people have short stout necks, and then again some folks have long slender necks. In this step I briefly explain how the neck is sh   


Just keep reading along, because I explain the differences between the female and male neck shapes, and detailing. Once you have read all there is to read, move to the next tip.


Before I get to the actual tutorial steps, I thought I would talk a little more on the differences between the male and female neck anatomy. Read along until you understand.


Now we begin. Start with a vertical line for the inner frame of the neck, and then draw the lining for the shoulders.


You will now begin sketching out the sides of the necks shape, and here is when you will determine if your character is going to need a short stout neck, or a long slender neck. Once the choice is made, make the lines for the shoulders in more detail   


It's now time to add the collar lines, and then the detailing for the chest and under arm pits. Since this is your last step, you can start erasing all the guidelines you drew in step four.


When you're done, you should have a sketch that looks like the one you see here. You can tweak this neck anyway you like so that it suits your character. Great work everyone!

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August 24, 2010

I know many of you artists out there sometimes struggle when it comes time to drawing human anatomy whether that anatomy is for a realistic person, or a cartoon or anime/manga character. Today, I thought I would submit a week old lesson that I never put up, on something that may be helpful to those of you that have trouble drawing necks. For a long time I fell victim to not knowing "<strong>how to draw necks</strong>", and because of that many of my characters came out looking either very sick, or very deformed. Over time I have improved, but I still have troubles in that area. Today, I will do my best to try and show you guys "<em>how to draw a neck</em>", using step by step instructions. Again I just want to remind you guys that I am still not a pro in this field, so please if you can give out any pointers to other artists, feel free and do so because what I will teach you is how I draw necks. I mean don’t get me wrong, my neck drawing isn’t all that bad which means if you have experienced difficulty attaching a nicely drawn head to a normal looking neck, this tutorial should help you get better. I also include some helpful tips on how the collar bones should look, and how to sketch them into place. Anyways, in order to understand what the heck I am talking about, the best thing for you to do is stop reading this description, and get busy with the tutorial. I will be back soon with some more cool drawing lessons so try and keep those pencils moving until I return. Peace people!

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