How to Draw a Native American Tattoo, Native American Tattoo


Make the two shapes for the head and body like so, then draw the lining for the wings.


Start on one side. For me it's usually the left. Here is where you will begin drawing the shape of the eagle's head and hook shaped beak. Once that is done you can tackle the task of drawing the wing and tail. The edges of the wing should be very fea   


Draw in the eye as well as the marking around the eye. Add the nose hole, then proceed to step four.


Add some lining to create the tips on each feather. Once that is done you can draw a circle design that has a swirl effect inside the shape.


Draw out the other side of wing like so as well as the tail. Do the same exact thing you did in the second step.


Add the same markings to the right wing as their is on the left wing. Don't forget to draw that circle swirl pattered shape.


Add the feather ends to the neck, then draw the markings on the belly and tail. Erase your mistakes then you are done with this lesson.


Here is the final outcome when you are done. Now you can add your own detailing and everything. Don't forge to add color as well.

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March 5, 2013

Description: Here is an awesome drawing on a tattoo design that reminds of me mother nature and everything earthy. Up next, we will learn "how to draw a Native American tattoo", step by step. This tattoo concept was fairly easy for me to draw without the markings in the center of the body as well as all over the wings. I didn't include the design or patterns I used in the lesson because I wanted folks to be creative and decorate their Native American eagle all on their own. There is many ways you can tweak this tattoo, but that's up to the artist to figure out they want to add or don't add. Either way the lesson should be simple enough for you to tackle. Have fun folks and enjoy!

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