How to Draw a Native American, Pinup Girl

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Well believe it or not but, this is going to be a really easy lesson to accomplish. What you will first need to do is draw a circle for her head and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw out the lining for her body's line of position. Her back i   


In this step you will first focus on the lower portion of her face shape. Next add another line to thicken the shape of her arm and then draw out her bust and torso shape as you see here. Add the line for her one piece suit and then add another for t   


As you can see when you are finished with this step your pinup girl will start coming to life. Draw the lining for her headdress and then draw out the lining for her pretty eyes. Next, draw out the chin and jaw off to the right, as well as the curvy    


Step four is easy as well. Finish the shape of her headdress and then draw out the simple feather. Add some lines to make her hair look braided as well. Next sketch out and define her eyes as seen here and then give her a cute nose and nice smile wit   


This is your last drawing step and what you should do now is first detail the feather and then finish off the armband. Next, draw out the tips of her braids which are loosely hanging under her arm and then finish drawing out her other high heel and a   


Your Indian girl should come out looking like the one you see here when you are done. All you have to do now is color her in and you’re done. I hope you liked learning how to draw a Native American pinup girl step by step.

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April 2, 2009

Description: Wow, this has been such a hectic day because I spent so much time on three tutorials to ensure that they came out great. This next lesson that I am about to submit is going to be on how to draw a Native American Pinup girl step by step. This sketch was requested by a member and it took me some time to make sure that it came out just right. Now because I took my time I created an Indian girl looking fabulously sexy with long legs, and a cute one piece suit with a simple headdress containing one feather in the back. She came out so pretty I hope that the person I drew it for likes what I have done. All the coloring and shading came out wicked nice and clean looking. The Native American girl looks so fresh that I could literally keep looking at her all day long. Now since the guest that I drew her for wanted a vintage look, that is what I delivered. Now of course I had to look at several different reference pictures before I chose the position that I wanted the Indian girl to be in. But once I found the right pose, I went with the flow and created something that looks like it could never get old. Pinup girls were posters with images of woman from the late thirties through the early seventies. The look of the woman from the forties and fifties was so pure looking. I mean the woman of those years seemed like they had almost flawless faces. Nowadays, faces are airbrushed and covered up with all kinds of make-up which to me is not real beauty. Native American woman and girls are so beautiful. They have shinny black hair, copper colored skin, nicely shaped faces and a sleek but healthy looking physic. I really did enjoy sketching out this drawing because it made me want to draw more vintage style girls and woman. I hope you like learning how to draw a Native American Pinup girl step by step. I shall return with one more lesson for the day so keep that in mind while you tackle this pretty tutorial that is really simple. Peace out!

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