How to Draw a Mardi Gras Mask, Mardi Gras Mask


First, I ALWAYS begin with the lineart or a basic sketch before I color or mold depth. Start off in a digital program with two sketches, one is the very loose and skeletal sketch, and the second is the solid, where you'll ink everything out in thin l   


Flats| Then, I go ahead and use a dark grey tone that's neutral enough to shade and highlight correctly. What I do most of the time, is shade lightly first - a set wash, then darker shadows, going darker as I get to a totally black tone.


Light Shadows| Now I get over to my light shadows, which help me map out the regions to add the darkest tones. I use various brushes for this step, since it's probably the hardest. Just picture molding a sculpture, aware of the boundaries and placing   


Toning Shadows| Then, steadily reviewing my areas of shading, I add an even darker tone on areas where there is muscle definition, areas that pop from the face that make it 3D. At this point, splatter appropriate amounts of shadowing on important are   


Blending| Next, when all my shadows are scattered in brush form, I move onto a blender which blends all the shades together to create a sleek and smooth look, perfect for soft objects - shapes.


Lets start off with just the basics. Begin with a large circle that is slightly cut off at the top right, and then draw in the facial guidelines.


You will now sketch out the actual facial structure, and when you do this keep in mind that the lining should be thin and smooth.


Draw semi thin lines to make the lining that forms the eyebrow and nose in one line stroke, and then draw out the right side of the brow and bridge of the nose. Sketch out the mouth which should look sort of odd like so, and add in some skin texture    


Slowly sketch out the shape of the eyes using the eye guidelines, and then draw in the dark upper lid lines and nice thick lashes. Draw in the eye crease line and move to step five once you sketch in the clef above the top lip.


Now is the time to start cleaning up your sketch because all you will be working on now is surface flaws and shading. In this step sketch in the cracks on the right side of the face and take your time so they actually come out looking like thin crack   


Here is where you will add shading to the left side of the face like you see here and when all is done and perfected, you can move along to see how the inked out drawing should look.


Look how awesome the face looks when it is in black and white form. You can add some pale color as well as some bright lips and eye color if you want. You can even draw in your own Mardi Gras mask design too.

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October 2, 2011

Description: I think I can finally upload this tutorial on another awesomely made face in a porcelain or ceramic form. There is still some minor tweaks I’d like to add to the face to perfect it a little, but let me just get this done so that you can at least enjoy the drawing and tutorial aspect of the concept sketch. This tutorial is going to be on "how to draw a Mardi Gras Mask"", step by step. This sketch was inspired by the man’s face that I submitted a couple days ago. I wanted to do something similar in a female form, so I went ahead and made a Mardi Gras Mask and tweaked it just a bit. Instead of keeping the face perfect, I added some imperfections like the cracks on the face, the red substance dripping from her lips, and her void eyes. I personally think it came out awesome, but then again I could be wrong. The man’s face as well as this one is amongst my favorite tutorials I have done in a while as far as original concepts go. Anyways, have fun drawing a Mardi Gras mask, and let’s see how creative you can be when adding your own personal tweaks. Have fun and enjoy!

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