How to Draw a Mask, Masquerade Mask

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Again, we will start with a circle for the head and then draw in the face guide.


Using the circle as your guide, draw out a long heart shaped face like you see here. The chin should be pointed and there should be a slight bump on the cheek.


No drawing in this step, all you have to do is color in the entire background black, or another dark shade.


Slowly and lightly sketch out the very masculine brows with the left one being slightly raised. Next, draw the broad narrow nose, and sketch in some wrinkling or creasing between the brows like you see here.


Before you work on the right eye, you will need to add some solid shading for the entire left side of the face. Leave an unshaded spot for the definition of the cheek, and then with the same shading, form the lips both top and bottom. When that is do   


For the last step, sketch in some detailing and deep definition by drawing the angry shaped brows, and then draw in some cracks and creases above the right eye, and along the sides of the mouth. Finish drawing in the mouth and then add definition to    


Here is what the picture comes out looking like when you are done minus the film reel look. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, and if you decided to tackle this tutorial and you completed it, great work!

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September 29, 2011

Description: If you guys visit my Facebook page you should know that I posted a painted drawing of a masked face that came out completely epic. I really didn’t anticipate for this face to come out the way it did, but luckily it did. The background or foreground I should say, is supposed to resemble an old piece of film from a damaged film reel. I drew this face when I was feeling a bit crappy and based on what I was feeling, my drawing hand took over and out sketched an image of how dreary I felt. When my mom and brother looked at the drawing, they asked me where I got the epic wallpaper. I simply said, “what, I drew that and then painted it”. For some reason they were shocked that I made this drawing. Anyways, I have some steps that I will upload later and they are going to be included with this tutorial. The steps basically show you how I colored in this drawing using some pretty cool techniques and tools. I think you will enjoy learning "how to draw a mask", step by step because this is probably one of the best faces I have drawn so far. This would also make a great comic book figure as well, but that’s a whole other story. Peace out people and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts by rating, commenting and faving. Adios mi amigos and since there is no more tutorials for the day, I will meet you back here around 8pm today for another session of LIvestream.

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