How to Draw a Gas Mask

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To draw a gas mask you must first draw in some simple guidelines and shapes to make a workable frame for your drawing. Start with a circle and then draw the facial guidelines. You will then draw the guidelines for the gas masks functional parts.


You will now draw in the outlined shape of the gas mask goggles as you see here and then draw the clip on the side of the mask as you see here. Next start sketching out the shape of the mask too.


Draw an inline outline inside of the gas mask's goggles as you see here and then draw the circular shape for the outlet valve which also happens to be the air flow system. You will then draw the knob off to the left hand side of the muzzle and then a   


You will now draw out the filter unit located to the right side. This too is circular in shape and you will need to draw the detailing and defining lines. Once that is done you can draw the details that is a part of the air flow system. Since this is   


Here is what your finished lesson comes out looking like when you are done learning "how to draw a gas mask". I hope you enjoyed yourself, and join me next time when I return with another free online drawing lesson.

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May 8, 2018

Description: I have two lessons to submit still today and I think you will like what I have in store. First let me submit a tutorial that will show you guys “how to draw a gas mask step by step”. A gas mask is a very popular piece of equipment that is used by military personnel, and by firefighters. This mask can be sketched out in real cool design to resemble the ones that are used in the military, as well as the ones used by the ATF, and other government agencies like SWAT and so forth. I just want to say that I apologize for not going live for the past two nights. I have been working on a new layout for the site to make it more efficient, as well as more enjoyable for all you members out there. What is a gas mask exactly? Well just as the name describes, a gas mask is a mask that is worn over your face and head to prevent toxic gases and harmful airborne pollution and or diseases from being inhaled by humans. There is many different looking gas masks in existence, but they all relatively have the same parts and serve the same purpose. There is nine main parts to make a gas mask fully functional and serve it’s purpose. First off the mask is made from molded rubber, which is what is fixed onto your face. There is an outlet valve that makes it possible to speak, an air tubing hose to transfer oxygen so you can breath, to hold the mask in place, there is a series of adjustable elastic straps, there is also a pair of built in sturdy goggles for vision capabilities, a filter housing unit which is filled with cotton, wire, coal, and other elements to keep poisonous or toxic air from harming someone, and lastly some gas masks come fully equipped with helmets too. The mask that I drew is more modern that what you may be used to seeing. I had fun drawing this mask, and I solely drew it for my military junkie brother. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial that will show you "how to draw a gas mask step by step". I will be back with one more submission. Peace out and happy drawing folks.

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