How to Draw a Male Angel


Start off with a head and torso guide.


Next up, begin sketching out the large cupping shaped wing like so. The feathers should be separated looking almost resembling sharp shards.


Next, sketch in some of the feathers from the opposite wing right at the base of the wing you have here.


Add detailing to the top portion of the wing which is small soft feathers.


Begin drawing the angel's head and face starting with the face shape first, then sketch in the hairstyle.


His face is on an angle so when you sketch it in be sure to draw the nose and everything on a 3/4 view.


Now you can get started with the body. Start with the neck, then draw the left shoulder and arm. When that is done draw in the torso, add detailing to the chest, then proceed to step eight.


You will finish the body by drawing the belt line as well as the belt. Add definition to the chest by adding muscle tone, then draw in the belly button, and pelvic lines.


Take your time as you draw out the left wing which is in a more downward pose. It is also very sharp looking and almost cups the body.


Lastly, detail the inside of the wing with some small soft feathers, then draw the ends of the feather tips to the bottom of the wing like you see here. Erase all those mistakes and guides then you're done.


That's it, here he is all finished and ready to go. I hope you liked this drawing lesson on a male angel. Show off your work when the coloring is complete.

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March 15, 2017

Description: People have been asking me to make a male angel almost the same way I do all my female anime style angels I submit. So having to think about that concept for a while because it is so time consuming whenever I draw angels, I decided to go ahead and fill the requests. Here is "how to draw a male angel" anime style for all you angel buffs out there. I really, really love the way he came out. I love how his wings almost look like that are protecting him from the outside world. His black feathers definitely make him look like a dark angel, but in all reality he isn't. Drawing angels in any form can either be a hard, or simple task. It all depends on what you choose to add for detailing. This lesson is for intermediate artists, but I urge everyone to try it out so you can get some grit under your nails. Have fun people and I hope he is all that you'd thought he'd be.

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