How to Draw Good and Evil Tattoo


Start off by making two head guides, then draw the body guidelines like you see here.


We will start with the devil. Draw the side view of his head and face and be sure to include the small devil horns. His nose and chin are pointed with the hint of a beard.


Sketch out the chest, back shoulder, arm and his devilish hand.


We will now draw the tribal style wing design which as you can see hooks up and around the head and back.


Fill in the large gap with more tribal wing shards like so. The ends of the wings should be torn or tattered.


Draw the other wing. When you do this only the top portion of the wing is visible.


Sketch out the side profile of the female's face which is also good. Draw the hair length and move to step eight.


Up next, draw the neck shape, then draw the chest, back, stomach and hips. Also add her arm which is extending to the devil or evil.


Draw the sharp pointed tip to cap off the bottom of the good angel, then sketch in some of the small feathers at the top of her wing.


Make a heart shape for the wing design. The back end of the wing should have this puffy or fluffy texture.


Sketch in some feathers to fill in the angel wing, then proceed to step twelve.


And finally, draw the other side of the wing and then draw in her halo. Erase the guides and mistakes then you are done.


Color in the evil side black, and you have a black and white drawing of good and evil.

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January 17, 2017

Description: How about a lesson on good and evil in a nice simple tattoo form or style. I present to you "how to draw good and evil", step by step. This is a concept of an angel in love with the devil. As you know there are many references to such concept ideas I just really liked this one which took a couple hours to complete. I think you will enjoy this lesson because it's not only unique and romantic, it has a nice flow and both figures are from the side view.

#how to draw angels
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