How to Draw Yosemite Sam

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To draw Yosemite Sam you will need to draw two circles. One for his head and one for his stubby body. Next add the facial guidelines and then the limb guidelines as you see here.


You will use the facial guidelines to draw the beginning lining shape of his busy eyebrows that surround the whole eye shape. Once that is done you will draw out the eyes and then start the lining for his ball tip shaped old man nose. On the right si   


In this third step begin drawing out the shape of his eleven gallon hat as you see here. Finish drawing out the rest of his mustache and then you can move to the next step.


Finish drawing in his nose and then his busy mouth and or lips. Draw the handkerchief scarf around his neck and then start drawing out his arms and hands.


As you know Sam has a small shaped body and you will draw out his torso shape and then his legs as you see here. Draw the belt that is a bit hidden by his long mustache and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


You have just finished this lesson on "how to draw Yosemite Sam step by step". Color him in and you are all done.

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September 4, 2009

Description: Bugs Bunny is a character that is loved by many and hated by more. But he isn’t hated by his fans and viewers, instead he is hated by his foes in the many different cartoon episodes by WB. One of the biggest enemies that he is hated by is a stubby, short tempered cowboy that is always armed and dangerous. This tutorial is going to be on “how to draw Yosemite Sam step by step”. Yosemite is one of the more popular characters developed by Fritz Freleng and produced by Warner Bros. He is a part of the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies crew along with Bugs, Porky, Daffy, and the other popular animated characters that we know and love. His name was derived and inspired by “Yosemite National Park” and he was introduced in 1945 appearing in his first episode “Hare Trigger”. His appearance is pretty distinctive. He is fully equipped like the traditional cowboy. He wears an oversized cowboy hat, has bushy eyebrows and a long fork shaped mustache that covers and grows over his lips and all. He is usually seen wearing a maroon colored long sleeve short, a pair of dark blue trousers, and a pair of beat-up cowboy boots. He also wears a holster belt that is fully equipped with two six shot pistols that he uses on a regular basis. Although Yosemite is often going after Bugs Bunny, he also has a strong dislike for Daffy Duck as well. Yosemite Sam was mainly created to give Bugs Bunny’s character more of a challenge. Before Sam came along, Bugs was always feuding with Elmer Fudd. Fudd was a sufficient foe for Bugs but after a while Bugs Bunny’s character stared coming across as being an extreme bully because he was obviously much more smarter. Elmer Fudd had a docile personality and was always out hunting as a seasonal sport. Yosemite was developed to be much more violent, short tempered, and ill mannered. His red hair and mustache fit well with is short structure and an eleven gallon hat. All in all he is a legend and a memorable character that is loved world wide. I think you guys will have fun with this lesson on “how to draw Yosemite Sam step by step”. I will be back with one more lesson for the night and tomorrow I will bring you four brand new tutorials that will be sure to please. Peace out and happy drawing peeps!

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