How to draw a Killer Whale


First you should know what position you want your orca to be in. In this one, I made mine in a diving position. If you wanted to change the position, you just change the angle of the spinal cord I have here to get your effect.


Please excuse my ugly scribbling. I'm not good at drawing on the computer. Next is the belly. You have to remember that orcas have a lot of muscle so they are really bulky. You have to give them a massive body.


Now let's give our orca some fins shall we? He/she needs some way of transportation and I can guarantee she/he won't want to move like a snake. Now it's stating to look like a cetacean.


Let's erase the lines that separate the fins and add spots! Spots are awesome. They give dimension and they look pretty. You can edit the spots anyway you like to create diversity. Just keep the same position they're in to keep it looking like an orc   


This step is optional. You can color it however you want, but this is just the computerized version of the one below. You can even color it however you want. I'd love to see a pink orca. It also doesn't matter what you color it with. I just used a me   


I know it is shown at the top but for the lazy people out there, I posted it at the bottom too. One tip for the saddle spot. (the spot behind the fin on his back)On normal orcas they are grey. I just swiped my finger across the saddle with left over    

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December 20, 2013

Description: This is my first tutorial and I hope you enjoy. My tutorials are different from others because I don't have the patience for the stupid starting shapes that don't make the drawing look any better and knowing that when drawing them they can be annoying too. I love cetaceans and would be happy to take any request.

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