How to Draw a Humpback Whale, Humpback Whale


Start off by making a shape that looks very much like an oyster.


You will now draw out the top part of the body, starting with the nose, head, and back arch. Make sure that the mouth line is also added.


Here you will draw the large rounded underbelly as well as the long pectoral fins. The lining for the fins should be wavy.


Sketch in the texture lines on the chin starting at the base of the bottom part of the mouth. The lines should stretch down to the fins.


Draw in the whale's eyeball then sketch out the creases around the eye. Add the spotting on the back and head of the humpback whale, then proceed to step six.


Finish drawing the body like so and when that is done you can make the dorsal fin and tail fin.


Sketch out the detailing to the fins then begin erasing your mistakes.


Here is your humpback whale when you are done. Color it in and tackle something new.

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February 11, 2013

Description: Well folks, looks like I have yet to submit a tutorial on one of the ocean's largest creatures (besides the blue whale and whale shark). In this sweet vid, I'll be showing you "how to draw a humpback whale", step by step. The variations in the lineart was a lot of fun to make, especially for the underbelly and the tips of the fins. I recommend getting a few references from Google Images, so you have a sort of foundation to base your pose off of. This tut will give you a basic idea on drawing a whale's form. I hope you'll have fun with this one, let me know if there's any other animals you're curious about drawing! Toodles :)

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