How to Draw a Jouster

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Start with the guidelines and shapes for the horse and knight. Draw a circle for the two heads and then draw the circle shapes for the horse’s body as seen here. You will then add the neck, arm, and leg guidelines as seen here and then a long horiz   


Starting from the top, sketch the face and shape for the horses jaw and cheek. Add the eye ball and then start drawing in the beginning lines to form the upper part of the knight. Make sure you include the lines for the feathers as well.


For your third step you will start sketching out the feathers on top of the knight’s helmet and then draw out the beginning lines for the detailing of the helmet. Draw more of the knight’s arm and then start drawing the stud and the handles that    


The plated armor of the knight is the first thing to draw out in step four. Once you have completed this task you will start drawing out the hand guard of the jousting lance. Detail the grill of the knight’s helmet and then draw the lines to create   


Sketch in the detail on the horses blanket and finish off the shapes of the horses legs. Draw out the front thigh of the knight and make sure you add the detailing plated armor lines. Thicken the jousting lance and then move to the next step.


Finish drawing the handle of the jousting lance and then draw the back of the horse saddle. Start sketching out the shape of the horse’s body and then add the crease lines that are a part of the blanket the horse wears.


I forgot to upload the step before this one and I will do that tomorrow. But in the mean time when you are finished learning how to draw a jouster step by step, your medieval character should come out looking like the one you see here.

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April 16, 2009

Description: Well you guys wanted medieval characters, now you’re gonna get midlevel characters. For my second lesson I will be showing you how to draw a jouster step by step. For those of you that know about these armor covered men and their sport, you need no information on them. But for those kids, and adults out there I will be giving you the 411 on the jouster. First off jousting is a sport played by two opponents. The opponents are usually knights and they ride a horse. They wear shielded armor to protect themselves from getting seriously hurt. Jousters use a total of three weapons to compete with, a battle axe which is used to deliver series blows, a dagger or a sword which is used to hand out swift strokes, and finally a lance which is the popular of the three. The lance is held just under the arm and is held tightly by the knight. As their steed gallops toward each other, the lance is used to force an opponent of their horse and then they are declared the winner. The first game of jousting took place back in the early ages around 1066. But it wasn’t until the 12th century that the sport really gained fame and popularity. Jousting is considered to be a martial sport which basically means it involves physical combat. In the middle ages the sport of jousting was much more brutal because each knight would charge after their enemy until they were dead or seriously injured. Back then the primary weapon used was a jousting lance. Jousting is performed or played in a list field, and the horses used for this hefty sport were either a warmblood charger or a coldblood charger. Nowadays you can still watch jousters go at each other at places like King Arthurs Fair and other medieval entertainment arenas. I know you guys will have fun with this lesson because it was requested by many, many members in the past. I finally got around to actually drawing out this knight and steed. You too can learn how to draw a jouster step by step if you follow the instructions the way you see them here. I shall return again so stay tuned.

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