How to Draw a Queen

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She was a very eccentric looking woman and very pale faced. Start with a circle for her head shape and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the frame for her shoulders, arms and torso. Next draw a donut like shape for the top of her dress and th   


In this step you will start sketching out the neck ruffle that is connected by a button in the back. This piece of cloth is shaped like dragon frills almost so keep that in mind when you are drawing out the ruffle of her dress. Next draw out the shap   


You can start drawing out her hat design and then the front hair line on her head. Next thicken the boldness of her earrings and then sketch out the detailing features on her milky white face. Draw out the pearl necklace and then add a line for the t   


Draw out the pearl design on her hat and hair, and then draw the ruffle around the bosom of her gown. Draw out the shape of her waist and then sketch out the ruffle design around the waist of her gown. Draw the cuffs on the sleeves and then her hands   


Detail her hair by sketching curls in her hair and then add detailing lines to the ruffles on her shoulders. Next draw a feathered fan in her hand and then detail and define her dress as shown to you here. Sketch out some wrinkle and crease lines on    


When you are done your Queen should come out looking like the one you see here. All you have to do now is color her in and you have finished this lesson on how to draw Queen Elizabeth I step by step.

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April 16, 2009

Description: I’m gonna keep on going with the medieval characters because they have been requested in the past for tutorials. So far I have submitted lessons on a new dragon, an archer, and a jouster. All three of these characters from the past are brave, skilled and even sometimes feared. It is time for me to teach you how to draw Queen Elizabeth step by step. I was going to do a lesson on “how to draw a queen step by step” using a generic sketch of a queen, but then I thought that I didn’t want to do some generic drawing of a person that can be found all over the net. Queen Elizabeth was a very important part of our history as she has changed the way our countries are ruled today. Her name was Elizabeth Tudor and she became queen at the age of twenty five years old. If any of you watched the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl”, you already know the history of her roots. Her father was King Henry VIII and her mother was Anne Boleyn who was the second wife to Henry. Elizabeth was born September 7th in the year of 1533 at Greenwich Palace. On the day of her birth it was the most exciting political event during the 16th century of European history. Elizabeth Tudors birth caused so much drama, it was almost unheard of with the amount of turmoil that was going on over the birth of one little infant. Anne Boleyn was later hanged for accusations of incest, witchery, and adultery. After her death no one knew that one day, the rejected child of King Henry VIII would become England’s greatest queen. Queen Elizabeth led a life of labialization of being the illegitimate daughter of King Henry VIII. Even though Elizabeth was labeled as child of fraud, her father was the one that gave a small piece of credit to the child. He became proud of her intellectual accomplishments as she aged, and Henry was even told by the Catholic courtiers that Elizabeth looked more like Henry than Mary did. When Elizabeth was just ten years old she was taken in to live with her father and sixth wife Katherine Parr. It was Parr that flourished little Elizabeth with the type of schooling that most princes receive. Because of that she began to develop a love for her studies. Roger Ascham made a comment about Elizabeth and her studies; he said “her mind has no womanly weakness”. Thus Elizabeth would later become the Queen of England and Ireland until her death in 1603. Her main mission was to bring peace and stability to the English people. There is so much more to read about the life and death of Queen Elizabeth I. This tutorial is a good start to learn how to draw Queen Elizabeth step by step. If you are a student and are writing a paper on this legendary queen of England, stop for a minute to learn how to draw a queen of morals, faith and peace. I shall return in a while to keep your eyes open.

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