How to Draw a Hydralisk from StarCraft

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Okay, start your sketch by drawing the Hydralisk's head shape which is a circle. You will then add the facial and body guidelines. Draw another smaller circle for the face of the StarCraft alien as you see here. Draw the curvy lines for the arms and    


As you can see you will start drawing out the shape of the Hydralisk's head plate and then the beginning shapes of it's arms. You will then draw out the arrow tipped shaped body and then the first shaping line for the snake like body or tail. As you    


Now that you are on your third step you can start drawing out the shape of the Hydralisk's body in more fullness and detail. Start by drawing the grooves in the bone plated shell looking head. Next draw the shape of the lower portion of the face whic   


As you can see you are doing a fantastic job so far. Start sketching out the shape of the Hydralisk's back which looks like a bone like fin. Next add layer lined shaped on the top of the skull or head plate. You will then start sketching out the face   




This is what your StarCraft alien character should look like when you are done. All you have to do is color it in and you have just learned how to draw a Hydralisk from StarCraft step by step. That was so fun wasn't it? Learning how to draw StarCraft   

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April 12, 2009

Description: How many of you here have played the StarCraft game before? I know I have! I have been playing that game since I was ten years old all the way till now. Even though it’s a very old game, it still captures the fun and excitement. I’m a huge fan of the Zergs. I mean they are the coolest creatures since Alien. The most popular Zerg unit is the Hydralisk. Now, for those who don’t know what a Hydralisk is, I will tell you. It’s the creature you will be learning how to draw step by step. It has this weapon called the “Needle Spines”. It is a very powerful and penetrating weapon of the Hydralisk. It can cut through Terran Marine’s armor like a hot knife through butter. Its awesome snake-ish insect appearance makes them even more intimidating. Now, I don’t think that the Hydralisk is intimidating to me. I think they’re straight up awesome! I mean, they’re freakin’ so cool! They’re like a simpler version of the Alien creature that we know and also love. Another awesome Zerg unit is the Zerglings. Zerglings are those small buggish creatures that can multiply very quickly. When they hatch from the Zerg eggs, they come in twos. The best thing about the Zergs is that they can multiply and dominate with ease. I remember I would always play a Skirmish game. I would choose eight players for more strategies and tactics to make it more of a challenge to play. Usually I would win, and the last standing opponent would be a Terran or Zerg enemy. Yes I know fighting your own kind if a bit weird and scary, but I always have fun trying to beat the opponent with their very own powers. Well, that’s all I have to say about this awesome creature from StarCraft. Maybe I will show you how to draw more StarCraft characters in future tutorials. For now you will have fun learning how to draw a Hydralisk from StarCraft step by step. I will be back in a bit with more to learn from so stay tuned.

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