How to Draw an Astronaut

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Start with a series of perfectly laid out shapes and lines. First draw a circle for the astronauts head or helmet shape. Next connect the head to the shoulder and arm guidelines. Draw another circle shape for the torso of the astronaut and then add a   


We will start drawing in the astronaut starting from the top, moving to the bottom. Start with the shape of his visor and then the inside shape of the helmet lines. Next draw the two oxygen tank shapes on his back. See how easy that was to draw the b   


You will work on drawing out the chest or torso suit details. Start with the shape of the astronauts shoulders and then draw the neck ring. You will now draw out the remote unite box located under the neck ring and then add detailing and definition l   


You will continue to draw out the top portion of the astronauts body. Add shape and detail to the remote unit and then begin drawing out the arms on both sides. Add more length to the hose and then draw the arm plates near the wrist and forearm.


Finish off drawing out the shapes of the arms and begin drawing the lines for the astronauts gloves. Next start drawing the astronauts pants starting with the upper hip and thigh area as shown to you here.


You will finish drawing out the hands and fingers of the astronaut and then complete the drawing of his legs for his layered suit. Add bumps, creases and wrinkles to add definition and detail to the astronaut suit. At this point you can start erasing   


You will finish off your drawing by sketching out the astronaut boots. This is very easy because I drew him out to look like a cartoon astronaut so that it will be easy for you guys to learn how to draw. Finish erasing the rest of the guidelines and    


This is what your finished drawing should look like when you are done. Just color him in and that is it. This concludes the lesson on how to draw a astronaut step by step. I hope you guys had fun learning how to draw all the different parts of the as   

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April 12, 2009

Description: Wow, I am getting tired and pretty soon I will not be able to submit many more lessons and I still have four more to submit. How many people here love space and wishes that they could travel through it one day? Well, if you’re like me and you said “I do” you will love this next lesson. I will teach you how to draw an astronaut step by step. I know that you all know what an astronaut is, but for those of you that are still unsure what exactly they are I will give you some 411 on these brave men/woman of space. An astronaut is a person (man or woman) that serves as a pilot for a spacecraft or works in space for different space programs of the United States. I know what you’re thinking, “there are other astronauts besides the ones from the United States”. Well you know what? You’re absolutely right. But other space workers from other countries are not called astronauts. Russia calls their pilots and space workers “cosmonauts” as do other former republics of the Soviet Union. Places like China didn’t send out their first astronaut until the year 2003 which was after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Duties of astronauts and cosmonauts can be very complex and interesting like carrying out jobs and responsibilities like operating spacecrafts and space stations, launch and recapture satellites, and perform scientific experiments on other planets like Mars and the Moon. Almost all astronauts from the United States work for a place called NASA which is an abbreviation for “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” located in Houston Texas. Did you know that there are ten different parts to an astronaut’s space suit? It’s true; an astronaut’s suit contains ten different parts to aid him with his out of the shuttle missions. The suit consists of; a helmet, visor, neck ring, a remote unit, gloves, layered suit, astronaut boots, four joints, life support hose, and an emergency oxygen tank. All astronauts live at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center so that they are always close to the main proximity of the NASA station. Learning how to draw an astronaut is something that every kid likes to learn how to do because they often fantasize about becoming one someday. The step by step lesson will make this an easy way for you to tackle this challenge no matter how you are ranked in your drawing skill level. I know you guys will love this tutorial as I did drawing it. Again, keep your eyes open because I will be back again.

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