How to Draw a Hippie Smiley Face

How to Draw a Hippie Smiley Face
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First make a circle.


Next, draw two peace symbols in for the eyes.


Next, add a squiggle smile and then some freckles under the eyes and some line marks around the forehead and above the eyes.


Lastly, draw in the flower petals and add detailing to them. Erase the mistakes to clean up the drawing.


You're done and the drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. Great job!

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May 8, 2020

Hey folks. I'm back and with my return I have a super simple, wicked cute lesson on how to draw a hippie smiley face, step by step. I wanted to use some psychedelic colors when making this art piece so apart from drawing the peace symbols for eyes, I framed the whole smiley with flower petals. I love this hippie smiley came out and I'm sure all of you will too. I shall return because there is a lot more to upload.

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