How to Draw a Female Face


The first step, when you start to draw a head, that you choose the view of the head. Here, you can find some example, and you can choose, what do you want. And you must draw the bird-, and frog perspective in foreshorten. (What is closer for you, you   


Okay, now, you can start to draw the face. BUT! Youu need to know the face's part. So, start from up to down. I know, you don't belive, but you can choose from a lot of eyebrows type. Do you want arched, or more nicer the "evil-eyebrow" (like the 13   


"Eyes are the mirror of the soul." When you choose the eyes, you choose your figure's personality too a little. In the top, you see the views of eyes, that help you in the drawing. Under these you see some example of the eyes-types.


The next part is the nose. Okay, you not only see beautiful, typical female noses. Because if you think, you can draw an evil figure, a witch, an ork female, or other special character too. Or just remember the famous brittish comic "Tamara Drewe", w   


And the last part is the mouth. It's an important part of the character's face too, and in the personality. Your choice, that you want a pretty mouth, or dou want a wider mouth. (Or a big mouth what surly made with botox.)


As in the real world, people want to looking more extreme, or show their personality too. Here some example, what you can give your figure as an extra. Generally the glasses give a "Miss Clever" style, the sunglasses give a little "Miss Glamour" styl   


The most important part of the face is the emotions. Characters are not only a doll, you can give them life too with the emotions, and countenances on their faces. You need to know, that the main six emotion is the: Sad, Angry, Fear, Happy, Surpris   


This is a little help if you want to draw a more younger, or older female character. You see how issue the own character marks when the figure is grown up.


And finally, the last thing, what you need to know, before you start to draw a female figure. Some race have own marks and have typical things, like you see in the picture. Just some example, becase you have a lot of choice. In the world, lot of peop   


Let's start the "How to draw female face" part! Now, start to draw the base lines. This is helpful, that you can draw the base form of the face. Draw the main axis-lines of the face, the eyebrows-line, the eyes-line, the nose-line and the mouth-line.


Now, you can draw the base form of the face. The base lines are help in the build of forms, that you can see your figure in "3D". This base forms will help for you to draw your figure's female face.


Draw the shape of her face and starting the front hair line. In the side the line isn't clean, because the hair will be take back with a hair ornament.


Now, draw the eyebrowns, and the top eyelids, follow the base form's lines, it's help to you, that you don't miss the form.


Okay, you can finish form of the eyes, and start to draw the nose main line.


Draw the mouth's lines and form. It's more easier if you follow the base forms. You need to be careful, in this 3/4 view the mouth in an arched line, curved in the space.


You can draw the pupils of the eyes, and little details for the nose and for the face.


And now start to draw the big hair and the hair ornament's base form too! The curly hair looks like difficult part, but don't worry! If you draw something wrong in the hair, it's not will be visible for the watcher, because you can hide in the lot of   


You can start the hair's details. Firstly, draw the details of the hair on the top. It's must be visible, that the hair ornament is catch to back the hair.


Draw the hair ornament's details as you want. You can draw anything on this, i draw little forms like on the lace.


You can start to draw the hair's details to bottom of her hair in the left side. The forms are your choice, remember, if you draw a line wrong, don't afraid, it's not will be visible in a lot of curly line.


Draw the details of the hair on the right side too with curly lines as on the left side.


You are done! Now go, and color her, as you want. I really enjoy to draw this tutorial, I hope, you like it too. Great work, guys!

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July 1, 2011

Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw female face. You can find a lot of tips about the the female face drawing with a lot of interesting thing, information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!

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