How to Draw a Squid

Artist: Dawn / December 17, 2008

Step 1.

Okay start this first step by drawing out a carrot like shape for the head and mantel of the squid. You will then draw out the tentacle and arm leg lines as seen here.

Step 2.

In this next step you will start sketching out the shape of the head and then add the fins on the left side. You will sketch out the shape of the mid part of the body and then thicken the arm and tentacle legs as shown here. Once you are done you can   

Step 3.

Wow, so far you are doing great. It isn't all that hard right? Now that you have made it to the third step you will start sketching out the head in more detail. Add the shape diamond like tip and add the right fin shape. You will then add the lining    

Step 4.

Well this is the last step and all you have to do now is add some minor detail. What you will do first is draw out and color in the large eyes and then add suckers on the arms of the squid as shown to you here. You will then start erasing all the gui   

Step 5.

Once your done your sketch should come out looking like the one you see here. All you have to do now is color it in and your done. You have just learned an easy way to learn how to draw a squid step by step. And if you want to draw a giant squid, jus   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Well in my last three tutorials I already showed you how to draw an Easter Bunny, books and the powerful Kratos. In this next tutorial you will be learning how to draw a squid step by step. Now for those of you that always wanted to learn how to draw one of these sea creatures, you will definitely get the opportunity to do so now. The squid is one of the most mysterious and one of the weirdest developed creatures that live in the sea today. Now a squid’s body is made up of four parts; a very long narrow shaped head, a mantle, arms, and bilateral symmetry. The limbs of the squid consist of eight arms and two tentacles. Now if you don’t quite know what a tentacle is let me explain; a tentacle is usually an elongated flexible organ that is used for feeding, feeling and grasping. On a squid these two parts of the body are the longest of the ten. The mantle of the cephalopods has a swimming fin on each side. All the arms of a squid have suction like cups on every limb which are called “suckers”. These suckers are very powerful and if you get entangled into their clasp, you are sure not to escape. Now you know that the squid has a mantel right? Well did you know that under the mantel is the animal’s gills and opening for the mouth? It’s true the squid has a mouth with hook like teeth to shred its’ food when caught and ate. The diet of a squid consists of other sea critters like fish, crustaceans, and other smaller squid. Squid is sometimes often used as bait for fisherman when fishing for Blue fish and salt water largemouth Bass. There is even a squid species that is sought after worldwide to be studied and understood. This sea animal is called the “Giant squid”. Squid is not only used for bait or hunted by other sea creatures, they are used for human consumption as well in Asian and Italian foods. In Italian cooking squid is referred to as “Calamari”. It is clear to see that this creature is a versatile animal that is a hunter, eluded, hunted, and consumed. This tutorial will show you how to draw a squid step by step with easy to follow steps and simple to read instructions.