How to Draw a Geisha Face

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This is a pretty simple step. All you will do is draw out the guides and shape for the Geisha face.


Here you will work on drawing the eyes. As you can see they are closed but also they are dressed up with jewels. The brows are painted on as well. This is something that Geisha do when painting their faces. Add the lid creases as well. You can also o   


Here, just as the title describes, we will draw in the bindi between the eyes and then draw the nose and lips. Add the jewels around the eyes as shown, then draw the lip lines.


Okay, we are coming close to finishing our Geisha. You will first draw the shape of her face using the guides from step one. Once that is done you can draw the hairstyle which is an updo. I got creative and gave her braids too. The funny thing about    


Here is the last drawing step. You will draw in the chopsticks which decorate her hairstyle. Once that is done you can draw in the pretty flower that sits in her hair and add the detailing to the flower as well. Then we will draw the other half of he   


Here it is folks, the line art when you are all done. Add the color of choice and then maybe upload your work so I can see how it turned out. Thanks for joining me with my very first lesson.

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March 10, 2018

Description: Hello once again people, welcome back to another one of my drawing tutorials. Today I will be showing you all how to draw a Geisha face, step by step. This is probably my favorite drawing that I have done so far. I love the use of colors, the concept of the make-up and jewels, everything about this Geisha is exactly how I would imagine one of my OC Geisha characters be. Anyways, it may be a bit tricky for you novice artists out there, but honestly, if I drew this, than I know you can too because I am a far cry from being a good artist. So, draw on folks and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know you if you like my stuff. It will help keep me motivated to draw more and make more tutorials.

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