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  Teton uploaded 4 tuts 4 years ago

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  Jacob956 posted a post 6 years ago


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  PinkiePie3 posted a post 6 years ago

:speechless: thats the impact your art gives me

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  angel12310 posted a post 6 years ago

Love your amazing artwork

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  doronaldo posted a post 6 years ago

Hi, my name is Doron and I am working in Berlin for the most important magazine for the Startup scene: the Hundert (the-hundert.com). The magazine is published in an edition of 10,000 copies. It is very high quality with great paper. We are currently working on the next issue (number 7), which will be very special in comparison to other issues. We are creating a review of the Berlin Startup Scene for the year 2015 in which every one of the 100 Startup news facts is displayed as high quality illustrations. For this project we are looking for several interesting and reliable artists. We think your work is really great and would like to invite you to a cooperation.(Stylistically (colors, faces) the illustrations in the magazine will be inspired by GTA style.) We would need about 10 - 15 illustrations, we can pay 100€ netto per illustration. The time frame will be from now on until the 4th of December. For each illustration we will send you a briefing with the Startup news fact, description of the concept we want, emotions, background, as well as picture of the team or the founder and pictures for the scene. If you are generally interested please send me your E-mail address to discuss further. Thanks in advance, Doron

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  princessmilena posted a post 7 years ago

i love your work ;) ;)

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  EmoAngel70 posted a post 7 years ago


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  Teton uploaded 5 tuts 14 years ago

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