How to Draw an Air Dragon, White Dragon


First start with the basic essential guidelines for the dragon. It's best to try to get these guides drawing accurately as possible so you'll have a better shot proportioning your dragon sketch.


Next, draw the head, retaining a bit of the facial features with it. The horns of this dragon play a big role since I wanted a mystical and natural feel (like that of deer in a forest), also, a pair of white butterfly like designed wings. These fit p   


Then, we will finish off the facials by adding the rest of the horns as well as completing the mouth. Take a break before the next step, 4.


It's time to sketch the long, slender neck for this Air elemental dragon. Keep the neck in perfect proportion, having it taper into a larger torso, then flowing back to a slender shape. I like to have variety in my dragons, including line art.


Let's draw the wings! I prefer to draw the wings as the arms first, before you add the backwings. Take your time with each, since it totally depends on how accurately you draw them, comparing to the finalized image.


Next, let's finish off the torso by sketching the last wing!


Lastly, we'll complete the drawing by sketching the rest of the body. Don't worry about the tail trailing at the upper left of the body, we'll sketch that in after the main part is done. Afterwards, move onto the tail piece!


With additional cleanup and proportion proofing, you should have something similar to this. I took my time with my dragon drawing, and it's best if you do the same. I hope ya'll enjoyed this tut as much as I had creating it. Thank you so much for vie   

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September 21, 2011

Description: Here is the air dragon that I was working on for a few days and the reason why it took so long to submit, is because I was stuck on the type of design to make an air dragon. I didn’t know whether to draw a wind tunnel or the lower half of the body just wisp away. I ended up doing something a little different so I hope you like what I have done. Having said that I guess you already know that you will be learning how to draw an air dragon, step by step. This is another addition to the elemental dragon series, and I don’t know when I will finish the rest. I might do another tomorrow or in a few days. Instead of a strong, hearty looking beast, I decided that this dragon will be a female which means she has a slender, more feminine look. She sort of reminds me of an angelic style dragon and instead of skin based wings; I decided to go with a feathery wing style to match the airy scene. As far as complexity goes, I think you will find that artists of all skill levels can have a go at this tutorial, and who knows maybe you will take to this dragon with ease and grace. I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun so come back to see what Friday will give you. Peace out people!

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