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How to Draw a Dementor from the Harry Potter Series

Artist: Groucho101 / July 24, 2009
How to Draw a Dementor from the Harry Potter Series

Step 1.

Firstly, draw a circle for the head, 2 lines for the arms, circles for hands, and a crooked line for the body. Simple, huh?

Step 2.

Now, it may seem like a lot, but trust me - follow the picture you can't go wrong. We now draw the actual shape of the head (cos it ain't a circle really), the arm, and the cloak as it flows to the other side.

Step 3.

Now...do the same for the other side!! Draw in the arm, and cloak trailing away. All the lines and curves over the body are to suggest it's actually a cloth-like material...cool, huh?

Step 4.

Draw in the hands, which are really thin and bony, and the rest of the cloak. A few more lines here and there, and...

Step 5.

...you're done! You can now draw some freaky, depressing, horrible creature that can literally suck your soul out of your body...ENJOY!

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Artist: Groucho101
Date Added: July 24, 2009
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Description: The Dementors are dark, wraith-like creatures from the Harry Potter series. originally guards of Azkaban Prison, they revolted and served the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, assisting his campaign for absolute power and immortality. These characters are so dark, so interesting, that I had to draw them for you guys. As always, tell me if you liked it or not, and leave a comment.