How to Draw a Crown

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Start by drawing an egg shape and then add the guidelines in the middle which will enable you to draw the spikes of the crown evenly.


You will now utilize the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one to start sketching out the base, and top shape of the crowns design. There should be five spiked arches that will be used in more detail.


Finish sketching out the shape or design of the crown and then draw perfect circle on the tips of each branched out part. You will then draw three lines that will be for detailing and design. Now is the time to customize your drawing.


All you need to do now is draw in the jewels that are along the middle band of the crown, and then one larger jewel in the center of the crown. Erase all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


In the end your drawing should look neat, colorful, and beautiful. Of course you have to color in your drawing too. I had fun with you all today, and I hope you did too. Drawing a crown is one of the easiest things that any artist can draw.

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March 27, 2010

Description: Okay, now that I have some cool tutorials uploaded, I will take it back a notch and submit two lessons that are a bit on the easy side. The first is what you are looking at now, "how to draw a crown", step by step. Naturally crowns are worn by people of royalty, and have been an accessory for kings, queens, princes, and princesses, for many, many years. These head pieces are even worn by people of power around the world. Typically a crown is made of solid gold or even gold plated, and sometimes platinum. The crown jewels are also something that carries meaning as well. Princesses wear tiaras and queens wear a smaller version of a king's crown. I do have a tutorial on a tiara and crown that is fit for any princess or queen. This tutorial however was drawn to teach you guys "how to draw a crown" using simple steps and easy to read instructions. One of the oldest crowns in existence today has been dated back to the year 1370, and it is believed to belong to "Casimir the Great". When a crown was placed on a kings or queens head, it was usually accompanied by a scepter that was handed to the queen or king at the time of crowning. Crowns where initially created to hold or store expensive jewels that belonged to royal families. This is why you will sometimes hear the term “crown jewels”. I have drawn in some common jewels that are typically associated with the crown. You can customize your royalty cap the way you see fit. In the mean time have fun, and remember to keep drawing until your hand becomes so tired you can no longer draw anymore. Peace out people.

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