How to Draw Stars

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Okay, well there really isn't anything to this tutorial. All you have to do is start with an almond shape. This is where the cluster of stars will be drawn in. Once that is done, draw different sized circles for the stars that you will draw inside.


Now draw a series of stars that vary in size. I only drew in a few, but you can keep drawing as many stars as you like. Once this step is done, you can move to the last step.


Next, color them all in. If you are feeling creative, make a rainbow assortment to have a colorful sky. Erase the lines and shapes and you are all done.


Here is your colored stars when you are done. I hope you had fun, and be sure to read up on these fascinating balls of energy further, because it is a star that lights your way.

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March 27, 2010

Description: There is still one more tutorial on the way that I think is going to be pretty sweet for all you sugar lovers out there. But before we get to the lesson that will bring us a cavity, let me start by submitting this starry drawing which will teach you “how to draw stars”, step by step. Like always, I never do one object without the other. Since I already have a submission on a single star, drawing stars only seems like the right thing to do. What is a star though? Well, after I read what these masses are from the original NASA site, I learned what I always suspected, they are big bright balls of energy that shine one hundred times brighter then a high quality flashlight. As you know the sun too is a star, and although this fact is known, the sun produces light and heat for the Earth, and every living creature and plant that is apart of our world. Stars come in all different shapes and sizes. Take the sun for instance, it's radius is four hundred thirty two thousand miles, and even though that sounds humongous to us, to astronomers the sun is considered small in size. This is because there are stars out there that are about one thousand times larger then the sun, and they are called “supergiants”. A cluster of stars is nothing more then close knit stars that are held together by what else, gravity! Anyway, there is a lot more to learn about the solar system and stars, all you have to do is keep reading. Maybe one day I will draw a star constellation, who knows! Have fun guys, and be sure to enjoy your drawing day!

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