How to Draw a Square

Artist: Dawn / May 4, 2012

Step 1.

The first thing you are going to need to do is grab a ruler. The ruler shouldn't have any dings along the edge if you want your square to come out perfect. In reality you are supposed to start off by drawing a horizontal line. This is so you can draw   

Step 2.

Do the same thing you did in step one, but when you make your points, be sure to use your ruler so you end up with perfect straight lines.

Step 3.

This is just a quick diagram showing you how a square is 90 degrees on each side.

Step 4.

Begin drawing your horizontal lines from point A to point B for the top and bottom parts of the square shape.

Step 5.

Next, draw vertical lines from point to point to point on the sides of your square. If you used a ruler, your square should turn out great.

Step 6.

Here is your perfect square. Now you can use it as a building block for something you need to do, or you can use what you just learned in a different way as well.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 4, 2012
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Description: I know this lesson may seem a bit weird, but in the past I received tons and tons of requests for me to make a tutorial that can show folks how to draw a perfect square. I know many of you think that drawing a simple shape like a square is no big deal, but to some, it is. Drawing shapes is the first thing one needs to know how to do properly in order to create drawings that are in proportion with one another, as well as to know what a square is. If you where to look at this shape in a mathematical style, you would know that in geometry, squares are known as 'regular quadrilaterals'. There are a total of six different types of quadrilaterals, and they are; parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, square, and an oblong shaped box. A square has a total of four equal sides which are all ninety degree angles. Hopefully I did a good job at breaking down the lesson on how to draw a square in a detailed manner. This is my first time with teaching how to draw shapes in this form, so don't hammer me if I make a mistake. Well, I guess that's it, I shall return like always unless I say otherwise. Peace people and enjoy!