How to Draw a Christmas Snowman


Make the circle for the head, then draw in the body guide, as well as the facial guideline.


Thicken the shape of the face, then draw the lid of the snowman hat.


Draw and color in the eyes, then draw the long cone shape as well as the spotted cola mouth. Add stripes on the nose, the proceed to step two.


You will draw the scarf the way you see it here. The tail ends of the scarf should come out from under the neck wrap.


You will now draw out the body which consists of two round parts. The largest one is the bottom half. Add the lines to the ends of the scarf, then you can move to step six.


Okay, finish drawing the Santa hat along with the puffy end or tuft. Draw the twig style arms and make sure that the ends of the sticks fork off for the hands.


Lastly, draw the pile of snow that the snowman is set upon. Erase the mistakes then you're done.


Here is your Christmas snowman. Now you can color him in to completion.

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December 7, 2012

Description: It looks like the Northern parts of the US will be seeing snow very soon. Since Christmas is around the corner, I figured I would two great things about winter and combine them into a tutorial. We will be learning "how to draw a Christmas snowman", step by step. As you can see by the name, the drawing is a mix of Christmas and snow. We love presents, and we love when it snows because we can go snow sledding as well as make our first snowmen. I love the way that this snowman came out because it really brings out that holiday feel. This would also make a great snowman to color in for some table top fun. I will return once again with more drawing fun for you all. Peace out and happy holidays.

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