Drawing a Kawaii Frosty the Snowman

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Start off with something simple and that is a round shape for the snowman's face and then draw in the simple top hat.


Here you will draw and color in the eyes which are made of coal. When that is done draw the small carrot nose and add some blush marks for cheeks. Oh, don't forget that smile.


Draw in the rest of the body which is just a gumball shaped torso and bottom. Draw a scarf around the neck and add two coals for the buttons.


Lastly, finish up this Kawaii snowman with twigs for arms and a rim or band around the top hat. Erase whatever mistakes you made if you made any at all.


And there you have it, a completed drawing on an adorable Kawaii snowman. Color in your art and show folks what you just created by uploading your art.

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December 20, 2016

Description: Oh my God, I can't believe Christmas is only five short days away. Whenever X-Mas gets this close, I always want to make more and more drawings on seasonal things that I know or think people will love. Not only will we be tackling this simple tut on how to draw a Kawaii Snowman, we will also be learning from other lessons that are going to be fun and simple to follow and recreate. But first, let's talk Snowmen. I know I have a few lessons on these favorited balls of snow and ice, but how many do I have in Kawaii form? None, (or at least I don't think). Anyways, drawing snowmen can be a challenging task. Since I know there are a lot of novice artists who visit Dragoart, I thought a cute, simple two tiered Snowman would be something that folks would enjoy. I could be wrong, but I'm just going on gut instinct here. Anyways, go ahead and have a blast. I will return with some other fun lessons for you all so stay tuned in.

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