How to Draw Deidara Easy


Begin with making the basic shapes and guides to create the head mannequin for this profile of Deidara. Once the shapes are made, you can start sketching out the profile of the face. Begin with the forehead, then sketch out the nose, lips, chin and e   


Make the shape for Deidara's head, then sketch in the facial guideline.


Draw the single hair line that is vertically going down Deidara's face and because of this, the hair covers one side of the face which you will see.


Let's finish drawing the shape of the face like so, then draw in the band around the forehead.


Okay, so here is a simple way to draw Deidara's eye. Start with a straight top lid line, and a bowl shape half way down. Draw in the eyeball, color in the iris, then the pupil. Draw the eyebrow and add detail by making a lid.


You're almost done. Draw the strands of hair under the hair flap like so. When that is done you will need to draw the metal bracket on the headband, then add detailing and or definition. Draw the eye completely, then draw the nose and mouth.


Finish drawing Deidara's hair, then draw the ear. Add definition to his ear before moving on to step seven.


The last thing you need to do is draw the ponytail, then draw the separated strands of hair at the tails end. Erase your mistakes then you're done.


The finished drawing looks like the one you see here. Color your Naruto character in, then you're done.

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December 7, 2012

Description: I noticed with the Itachi lesson a member left a comment asking why do I keep uploading easy lessons instead of ones with a lot of detail. My answer to that is, not everyone knows how to draw like we intermediate, and advanced artists. I know some of the tuts seem too easy, but they enable folks who are just starting out the ability to take on more complex lessons by practicing with simple ones. Having said that, you will be learning "how to draw Deidara easy", step by step. Deidara is one of those characters that you would love to hate but can't. He is or was one of my favorites when I used to watch and read the Naruto series faithfully. Nowadays I have been drawing a lot more and doing other side projects that I enjoy. So here is the lesson that twenty people asked for. Drawing Deidara will definitely brighten your day. Adios people and enjoy.

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