How to Draw Christmas Olaf


Make an oblong egg shape like you see here and then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Start the facial drawing process by drawing Olaf's crooked carrot nose and a cheek bump along the side.


This whole step is where you will just draw the lid of the Santa hat. Notice that it is a little big because we actually want this hat to be a loose fit on Olaf's head.


Under the lid, draw in the shapes of Olaf's eyes. He is looking to the side so make sure to draw in his eyes this way.


Almost done with drawing Olaf in his Christmas form. What we will do here is draw the upper lip, then draw in the bottom jaw. Add the great big dimple from the smile too.


Finish drawing Olaf's face shape like so, then draw in the rest of the Santa hat that Olaf is wearing on his head. This should be a relaxed fit with the hat drooping down.


Add detailing to the carrot nose and sketch in the crinkle and crease lines on the hat lid. Erase those guidelines and mistakes too.


Here is how your drawing of Christmas Olaf should come out looking. Have fun coloring his face in.

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December 26, 2014

Description: I know everyone already feels that Frozen the movie is already a sort of Christmassy film and so are the characters. This is mainly because Frozen takes part during some cold snowy days which automatically reminds people of winter and Christmas. Make the tutorial you see here is on how to draw Christmas Olaf, step by step. Olaf is a snowman and all snowmen should have their own drawing of them wearing a Santa hat. Olaf is in fact one of my favorite characters of the movie, so it was a real pleasure turning his head wearing a Santa hat a tut. I wish everyone a merry Christmas, and be sure to have a cup of eggnog for me!

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