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How to draw a Chibi Flash

Artist: PokeAisy / March 10, 2016
How to draw a Chibi Flash

Step 1.


Step 2.

Draw his kawaii little chibi flash baby body... DRAW THE DUST TRAIL BEHIND HIM BECAUSE HE ES GOING SANIC FAST

Step 3.

Draw his kawaii jumpsuit (I think that's what it is...idk)

Step 4.

DRAW HIS EYES AND THE CHINA SIGN (optional) As you can see, I was going to draw superman in the corner there, but I'd think he'd be at the gym, pumping up to get ready to fight batman...I'm so pumped for that movie...plz don't kill me, but BATMAN AL   

Comments (19)
DragonTamer33 · 5 years ago
SO CUTEE!!! :hai:
PokeAisy · 5 years ago
Amalgaholic · 5 years ago
Dang, the commentary is humerous.
PokeAisy · 5 years ago
I guess you could say...humerus...skelly man...(badum tss)
Amalgaholic · 5 years ago
:blank: :blank:

tdogrocks113 · 5 years ago
its not my bithday til july but thank you though XD i love it :rock:
PokeAisy · 5 years ago
Thank you! I made a Chibi Batman tutorial, but it isn't approved yet
tdogrocks113 · 5 years ago

tdogrocks113 · 5 years ago
no offense but i prefer my tutorials in color
vicx2005 · 5 years ago
Can you please do a tutorial on a chibi batman please?
PokeAisy · 5 years ago
vicx2005 · 5 years ago
Thanks so much!

Artist: PokeAisy
Date Added: March 10, 2016
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Tags: draw chibi, how to draw batman characters
Description: I LOST EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE ON MY FLASH (bu dum tiss(?)) DRIVE...;-;. Anyways, this tutorial was requested by tdogrocks113. A BIG SHOUTOUT TO HIM!!! (Hands him a cookie cake)HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Anyways, I recently discovered that the words in my descriptions kept cutting off. idk why. Anyways, ERZA SCARLET TUT WILL GO UP ANYTIME I GET TO DO IT!!!! Feel free to request *really* any tutorials in the comments! I never know what to do a tutorial on, anyways.