How to Draw a Black Cat and Raven


Begin by drawing a series of shapes for the cat's and raven's body. When those shapes are drawn in you can sketch out the guidelines for the face and limbs.


Using the guides you just made, slowly sketch out the shape of the cat's face structure. With that draw in the shapes of the ears and sketch in detailing inside them as well.


Using the facial guidelines go ahead and take your time as you sketch in the cat's face. Start with the eyes and then draw the nose and jowls or lips. I wanted this cat to have a masculine appearance which is why he is drawn to look hearty. Sketch in   


All you have to do here is draw the long whiskers.


Let's start drawing the body next. Begin with the thick shape of the neck and then draw the shoulder and first front leg. Add the big front paw and toes too.


We will now draw the nice bold shape of the chest, then draw in the other leg and paw. Sketch in the detailing and definition to the front part of the body to add texture and muscle tone.


Continue with the lining for the body.


Here you can draw the back part of the leg and back paw, then draw the mid section of the cat's body.


To finish the cat off all you have to do is draw the long tail which perks up at the tip.


Begin drawing the raven next. Start with the head and then draw the beak. You will continue to work on the raven by drawing the wing and body. Sketch in the detailing and definition to the wings and body, Add the eyeball and that's it.


Almost done. Draw in the other extended wing and then sketch in the detailing to the feathers as well.


Draw the legs and claws or talons to finish your raven off, then erase the mistakes and guides.


That's it. You are all done. Now you can clean up the drawing by erasing whatever mistakes you might have made.

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October 7, 2020

Description: Hey guys. Welcome back to another lesson. I will shy away from character tuts based on figures from cartoon shows and work more on concept art since that is something folks enjoy. I will begin by showing you all how to draw a black cat and raven, step by step. The black cat and raven are a force not to be reckoned with. They are somewhat a duo and have a connection to one another. I got the idea from The Crow, I watched the movie the other day and wanted to do something cool so this is what I came up with. Anyways, I hope you enjoy I have three other lessons coming your way so stick around or come back around. Adios amigos.

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