How to Draw a Cartoon Zebra

How to Draw a Cartoon Zebra
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First draw a circle for the head and then draw a neck line. Attach the bottom of the neck line to the other circle which is for the body. When you are done with that draw three leg lines.


You will now start drawing out the shape of the face and head which looks like a baby zebra. Draw the snout and then use the facial guidelines to draw the eyes. Next draw the ear.


Finish drawing the shape of the cartoon zebra's face by drawing out the jaw. add a detailing line on the tip of the nose and then color in nostril holes. You will draw the other ear and detail them both, as well as make the eyeballs and eyebrows. The   


You will now thicken the neck and then draw out the shape of the body. Draw the legs and then begin the lining for the tail as seen here.


All you have to do for your last drawing step is first draw the hooves and then complete the tail. Next draw all the strips on the zebra's body and then color them in when you are done. But before you do that you must first erase all the guidelines a   


Here is what your drawing should look like when you are done. Color in the rest of the animal white and you have just finished this lesson on "how to draw a cartoon zebra step by step".

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August 9, 2009

Hey what’s up guys and how you doing? I am back again with another drawing tutorial for you all to learn from. This next lesson took me an hour and a half to complete which is not including the coloring or tutorial layout. I got a request to do a lesson on “<em>how to draw a cartoon zebra</em>", step by step. I love horses, and if any animal looks like a horse I will draw it and have fun with it. The zebra that I drew is super duper easy to mimic because all the steps are wicked easy and the instructions are simple to follow. I think you guys will like this tutorial because the cartoon zebra is cute, cuddly, and attractive. A lot of kids out there will enjoy and learn from this one as well. The one thing that took me the longest is drawing the zebra strips because they are all different in shape and in size. Whenever you tackle any lesson, you must make sure you have time to spare because rushing through a drawing is the worst thing you can do. When you take your time and go at the lesson with ease and caution, you end up with a drawing that looks great. It may take longer to take your time but if you really value drawing and your dream is to become an artist of some sort, you have to constantly learn new ways to your craft. Enough about that, let me get out of here so that you can tackle this lesson on “how to draw a cartoon zebra” step by step. Peace out folks and happy drawing.

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