How to Draw a Satanic Beast

How to Draw a Satanic Beast
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You will need to draw two circles for the heads of the beast and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the body's lines of motion which is the workable frame that you will be using to draw out the beast. Draw a circle for the chest and then d   


Start sketching out the shape of the animal like heads of the demonic creature as you see here. They have horns like a ram and there facial structure is like those animals as well. Don't forget to detail and define as you see here.


As with step two you will continue to sketch out the shape and structure of the beast. If i were you I would enlarge the steps to see them at close range. When the heads are sketched out make sure that the eyes, mouths, noses and chins are sketched o   


You will now start sketching out the shoulders which is hairy like the long haired goat. Once the shoulders are sketched out you will start sketching out the torso and ribcage which look mangled and deformed. Draw the chest muscles and then move to t   


You will now start sketching out the arms as you see here and make sure they are bold and strong looking. Once that is done you can sketch out the mouth and the teeth. Next sketch out the cross that is tattooed in the middle of his chest and then ske   


You will start sketching out the feathered cape and when that is done you can start working on the detailing for the arms and hands. Take your time when you sketch out this beast, there is no rush unless you are in a rush. Begin sketching out the ban   


You are almost done with this sketch and all you have to do in this step is begin the sketching process for the bulky muscular legs. Once the inner lining is drawn you can sketch out the long hair that hangs over the hooves.


Here is your last drawing step and what you must do now is sketch out the rest of the feathers for the cape and then draw the tribal tattoo on the right arm. Finish off the legs and then sketch out the creepy tail you see here. Add some last minute d   


The sketch should come out looking like the one you see here when you are done with this tutorial on "how to draw a satanic beast step by step". If you want you can add color, I just left it as a sketch.

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August 9, 2009

How about a really cool lesson on a sketch that I drew live a couple of days ago. It will go under the concept art category because that is exactly what this drawing is. So without further ado I will be teaching you “how to draw a satanic beast" step by step. The beast is sketched out to look like a warped form of a human. There is an evil mouth on the torso of the beast which is wide open and ready to eat up some souls with its razor sharp teeth. The nipples of the monster is simply a pair of evil looking eyes, and this being of Satan also has two goat heads that are in the form of skulls. The arms are large and powerful as well as the hands are humongous and strong so that he is able to grab other beings and animals for his own pleasure. I wanted this creature to look like he is some form of gate keeper before entering the realm of hell. I was going to add some kind of weapon but I later decided not too. I filled his muscular arms up with tattoo art and drew a cross upon his chest. His loin covering is just a bunch of wool like hair that you would see on a typical long haired goat. It may look like a set of wings in the back, but that is infact a feathered cape. The demonic creature looks very evil and you can really see that all within him is hatred, sin, and pure darkness. The sketch took a long while to do and if I chose to color in this creature it would have probably lost some kind of effect with the rawness of him. The sketch is not perfect by any means and I could even pick a few screw ups with it. I just thought that for something this awesome to come from my mind, it should at least have a tutorial made from it. I have to go but I will be back in a bit so stay tuned in to Peace!

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