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How to Draw a Boom Box

Artist: FemaleAssassin99 / January 21, 2013
How to Draw a Boom Box

Step 1.

ok this step is hard to see but all it is is simple shapes. some places they over lap but that's ok.

Step 2.

this next step we go over some of the shapes. some all the way others just part. do not go over the places that over lap.

Step 3.

now we add a bit more detail. we add where you would put in the tape, and a few buttons on the side. and we put in some lines to do the shading, and to make the boom box one piece.

Step 4.

now we add some shading... i just used lines.

Step 5.

now we add some more detail and color in the areas that need to be black.

Step 6.

now to customize! and color! do it your way or just copy mine.

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Artist: FemaleAssassin99
Date Added: January 21, 2013
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Tags: draw music, how to draw radios
Description: This is my very first tut! Its on how I draw a graffiti boom box! I drew this on my jeans and decided to make it into a tut! Please comment and tell me what you think! peace, love and vampires! 0,.,0 Shay:)