How to Draw a Blossom

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Start with a circle and then add the lines that will end up looking like a windmill. Draw a smaller circle in the larger blossom shape and then add some pollen stems.


Now using the guidelines you drew in step one, you will now start to learn how to draw a pedal. The blossom pedals are long and thick making them beautiful to look at.


Now start sketching out the pollen stems and then color in the pollen sack. Once this is done you become one step closer to teaching yourself "how to draw a blossom".


Finish drawing out the pedal shapes of your cherry blossom and make sure you detail the edges as you see here. Add some shading in the middle and then move to the next step. See how easy this tutorial is.


Since I sketched out my blossom you are looking at the shading I have drawing around the inside of the blossom pedals. Copy what I have done here on top your drawing and once you are done you can start erasing the guidelines and shapes that you drew    


Well here you have it, your very own cherry blossom. The best part about this tutorial is that you can have a super time coloring in the flower any shade you wish. I hope you guys had fun learning "how to draw a blossom step by step".

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May 24, 2009

Description: I hope that everyone is having a nice holiday weekend so far. For me the weather started out rainy and ended up a bright sunny day. That is probably due to the fact that it is spring time and the weather is the last thing that is predictable. Which brings me to this lesson that I am about to submit. Now because it is spring, I wanted to do a pretty sketch on a flower that is freshly bloomed. There is so many flowers that one can choose to draw and I have some favorites that I will eventually make tutorials out of. But let me introduce this first lesson of the day, I will be teaching you all “how to draw a blossom step by step”. Blossoms are sometimes the prettiest a flower will ever get. Than again sometimes a plant will look hideous until it starts to blossom and eventually flower. One of my favorite of all blossoms is a “rose blossom”. When a rose fully blooms it looks absolutely stunning to a point where you want to keep a bouquet in your house at all times. Rosebuds are also very pretty too. The blossom that I sketched out is that of a cherry tree. Cherry blossoms are very beautiful because they bloom in a cluster of flowers. I think I already told you guys that I have a cherry tree in my backyard right? Well get this, it still hasn't bloomed yet. I think the cherry tree is a late bloomer, but I could also be wrong. Anyway, the sketch I drew came out very pretty and somewhat realistic. When you learn “how to draw a blossom step by step”, you will see how nice your sketch comes out. I have a lot more work to do so I must sadly depart. I shall return with more drawing fun so try and stick around okay.

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