How to Draw a Beagle Puppy, Beagle Puppy

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Begin your first step by making a circle shape for the baby beagle's head and then sketch in the facial guidelines. Next, draw an egg like shape for the body and move to step two.


You will use the head guide to sketch out or draw the shape of the puppy's face structure like so. When drawing the head shape make sure that you also incorporate the large floppy ears as well. Sketch in some small prickly whiskers like so, and move    


You will now draw out the adorable beagle puppy eyes like so, and color them in to a point where there is only a bit of white peeking through. Sketch in the brow lines and then draw the nose as well as more stubby whiskers.


Okay guys, here we go once again. Starting from under the puppy's chin, start the lining for the chest, and then draw both legs and one visible paw. Make the toe arches like you see here and proceed to the next step.


Continue to work on the beagle puppy's body by drawing the back and back end. Make the hind leg and back paw, as well as the little round belly.


Finish your beagle puppy by drawing the slightly curled tail and then add the other back leg and paw like so. Clean up the mistakes to prepare your dog for awesome color.


Here is your drawing when you are done. As you can see I left the beagle with no markings because I wanted you to make your own patches so you can draw the perfect puppy for you.

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January 26, 2012

Description: Hello once again good people of Dragoart, I am returning with some more drawing fun and this time I will once again fill a request that has been invading my e-mail for a while. Yesterday I drew one of the cutest puppy breeds I know. After procrastinating for a while I now give you "how to draw a beagle puppy", step by step. Beagles are cool dogs because they have unpredictable personalities. They are not only extremely cute in baby form; they are just as cute even when they are full grown. I have never personally owned a beagle, but I used to live next door to a family that had one. He was a crazy and cranky dog, but he still made me laugh whenever he tried barking in a protective manner. One of the funniest things about beagles is their bark. They sound like they are trying so hard to let out a bark, but it always seems to come out a bit weak and houndish. I guess it has a lot to do with the beagle belonging to the hound breed. Anyways, I had lots of fun drawing a beagle puppy, and I’m sure that you guys will have a blast too. I will return with some other fun stuff so stay tuned in to see what else I have up my sleeve. Thanks guys and enjoy!

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