How to draw a anime girl

Artist: animelover1123 / August 28, 2013

Step 1.

So first I've gone ahead and drew the basic skeleton, as you will see in the next few steps I've kinda changed bits and peaces cuz I was also sketching it out as I went. Any way draw the basic skeleton

Step 2.

Now you can go ahead and erase the insides and add some facial giuide lines

Step 3.

Now we can draw the eyes,nose, and mouth

Step 4.

Now draw the basic out line of the cloths

Step 5.

Now we can add the detail to the cloths

Step 6.

Now go ahead and draw the bangs

Step 7.

Now draw the rest of the hair

Step 8.

Now for one of my favorite parts the shading!!!! Now just add some shading and your done! Hope it helped, Enjoy!!!!!:D

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Artist: animelover1123
Date Added: August 28, 2013
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Description: I only listed this as intermadiate because i'm not very detailed in this one!XD This is a tut on how to draw a anime girl except this time I'm focusing more on they cloths than the actual body. Sry I haven't uploaded one in a wile just haven't gotten around to doing it, any way feel free to tell me what u think and leave a comment! Enjoy!!!!