How for draw FnaF 4 Plushtrap

Artist: Denthil45620 / November 8, 2015
How for draw FnaF 4 Plushtrap

Step 1.

To begin, draw the lower jaw by sketching a round rectangle shape. To finish this step, add a withered look to the lip right below where the teeth should be.

Step 2.

Now, draw a half-circle. Then, edge it out by drawing 6 straight lines in place of the curve in the half-circle. Whither out the lip area right above where the teeth will go.

Step 3.

This step is fairly easy to do. So see if you can try your best to draw the left ear.

Step 4.

The same as the previous step, but instead draw the upper ear at a higher angle.

Step 5.

Now to add facial features. The nose is fairly easy. For the eye sockets draw an almost perfect circle on the right side. Draw a circle on the left side, then add a withered effect to it to complete this step.

Step 6.

Time to draw the eyes. You can draw the eyes any way you want them to be. But if you want, you can draw the default eyes for this step. Then we will begin the torso area. Start by shading in where the neck should be. Then, draw a circle and wither it   

Step 7.

This step is fairly easy. Just draw teeth.

Step 8.

Now to draw the inner torso, draw a large half-circle. Wither out the bottom of the half-circle. Then draw an incomplete half-circle around the previous one. Wither out the bottom as well.

Step 9.

Complete the lower torso by drawing five lines.(connected together to form a "U") Connect the gap by drawing a withered line. After you complete that task, start drawing the upper arms. To do this, draw a round rectangle shape on both sides. Wither o   

Step 10.

Copy the previous step for the lower arms, as well as the top right leg.

Step 11.

Try your best to draw the hands. Then draw the left upper leg.

Step 12.

Copy the previous step for the lower legs. Wither the top of the lower legs and the bottom of the upper legs. Fill in the knee space.

Step 13.

All you have to do now is draw the feet and you are finished.

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Artist: Denthil45620
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Description: Hi guys. Denthil45620 here. This is the first tutorial of the FnaF 4 character roster. Today I will show you how to draw Plushtrap from FnaF 4. This little guy stars in a mini game you play between nights. Stop him on the "X" and you start at 2 AM on the next night. If you don't stop him, game over. Enjoy! More FnaF 4 tutorials coming soon!