5 Easy Steps for Drawing Red Lips


Start with your guides for the lips.


Begin by using the middle line as your guide to draw the bottom portion of the lips.


Next, use the vertical line to draw the arches of the top lip like you see here.


We will work on the plump bottom lip like you see here. Be sure to give the lip curves for a more supple shape.


Now for the last step, draw the front teeth and the tongue. When that is done you can erase the mistakes and the guides.


When all is said and done the line art should come out looking like the lips you see here.

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March 30, 2023

Description: Hey there. Welcome back to another one of my lessons. Today I will show you how to draw red lips, but using only 5 easy steps. Of course you can color your lips in any shade you like, but since red lips are somewhat the most popular, I figured the title would get more attention being red lips. Anyways, have fun and enjoy. If you liked this lesson please give it a like, fav, love, comment and share.

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