Drawing Mayor Lionheart

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Begin with the head guide and sketch in the facial guidelines.


Start to draw out the actual structure of Lionheart's face shape. Begin with the forehead and draw the snout.


Move down to drawing the nose, and then his great big smile. Add the nostril holes and you are done here.


Up next, draw the long chin and then draw in the whiskers and whisker holes. Add the marking lines on the sides of the face too.


We will continue on with the face and draw the thick eyebrows and be sure to draw them in a suave expressive pose. When that is done you will draw in the eyes, then draw the lids and markings around the eyes.


Lastly, we will finish this lion off by drawing in the great big puffy mane. He is very majestic looking so be sure to capture that quality about Mayor Lionheart with your drawing. Erase the mistakes and guides after you draw in his ear.


That's it. You are ready to color in Mayor Lionheart. Once you are finished with the coloring aspect, show off the drawing to others.

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March 10, 2016

Description: For those of you who went out and seen Zootopia, this lesson goes out to all of you fans of the film. Today we will learn how to draw Mayor Lionheart, step by step. He is the Mayor of Zootopia and the motto he loves and that most Zootopians live by is "'In Zootopia, anyone can be anything". Anyways, he is a bold looking figure with charm and personality. I have not yet seen the film so for me to sit here and talk about him like I know his character would not be ideal. Instead we will learn how to draw Mayor Lionheart instead, but if you would like to shed some light on his character, be my guess. Adios folks and have fun with this Zootopia character drawing.

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