Draw Miguel from Coco


Let's begin. Start with the large circle shape for the head and then draw the body shape. You will then draw in the guidelines for face and limbs.


Here you can draw the actual shape of the face. To do this just outline the guide you made in step one and then incorporate the bangs for his hair as well as the new shape for the ear..


Draw the shapes of the eyes which are big, wide open and bold.You will then draw the nose and big wide open mouth which is in a smiling expressive pose. When that is done, you're done here.


Finish the hairstyle and when you do color it in black. You will then draw the eyebrows which are thick and color those in as well.


Let's start with the guitar. Draw the top part which is shaped like a square skeleton and then draw the oblong squares for each hole of the top part of the guitar which resemble eyes. You will then draw out and color in the nose along with the row of   


Next, draw the guitar body and then Miguel's fingers on the side of the body. Don't forget about the bridge of the guitar too at the bottom.


Draw in Miguel's right arm and hand which is holding onto the neck along with the lower part of his body which is the legs and feet. Add detailing to the clothing and then to the shoes.


For the last part all you have to do is draw the strings and color in the hollow of the guitar. Erase the mistakes if you made any and then the guides.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring in Miguel from Coco.

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May 6, 2021

Description: Hello everyone. I have a few more lessons coming your way starting with this on how to draw Miguel from Coco chibi style. He is one of my favorite characters from the movie, and Coco is one of my new favorite movies. I love everything about the film, I love the passion and desire that Miguel has to become a musician and I also love that he found his family. I do hope you enjoy drawing chibi Miguel because I had a blast with creating him.

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