Draw Mamá Imelda from Coco

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Start like we always do and that is with the guide shapes for Mamá Imelda's body and head. Sketch in the facial guidelines too.


Since Mamá Imelda is a skeleton, her face should be shaped like one. So that is what you will do here.


Next, draw in her oblong round eyes and give her that famous expression she always has on her skeletal face which is the expression of doubt. Add her long thick lashes and then draw in the nose hollow which is shaped like an upside down heart. Give h   


Now you can draw the hairstyle which is a high, old fashioned hairdo. Add the lines in the middle for the white streaks and then draw the pulled back curls in the back. Don't forget her hoop earrings.


Let's work on her upper body which is the shoulders, and her crossed over arms. Of course the arms are bones so make sure to draw them in that way. Also, detail her clothing too.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the small waist and then draw the bell shape of her skirt. Add that ruffle at the bottom and don't forget the feet. Also detail the dress and add the design work to it as well. Erase the mistake   


Once the image is all cleaned up you can color in Mamá Imelda Rivera from Coco. She is one fun character to color in.

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December 9, 2021

Description: Yup, you are seeing right. This next lesson is on how to draw Mamá Imelda Rivera from the adorable movie Coco. She is the one who initiated the ban on music from her family because she had thought that her husband left her and her daughter behind to pursue a musical career. The truth of the whole story isn't what she thought, but in the end she comes to an understanding. Mamá Imelda is also the one who tries to get Miguel to go back to the human world, but her efforts fail due to the fact that Miguel just wants to help his family. I liked drawing Mamá Imelda Rivera and I hope you do too. Of course she is in chibi form so that is always exciting as well.

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