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Draw a Snake Skull

Artist: AnArmA / February 7, 2010
Draw a Snake Skull

Step 1.

Start with an oval for his head and rough guidelines for his eyes nose n mouth.

Step 2.

We'll give his eyes some shape and so his nose. nose is a basic line 2 line attachment.

Step 3.

A little touch to head to show d extruding part of head. And look, he's happy with it. And for yet, draw his flat chin.

Step 4.

Now we give his wide mouth some shape.And We don't want a toothless skull. So start with the front teeth, six in a row.

Step 5.

Well, we'll add two vampire type teeth in the upper part, and complete two teeth as shown in figure. We have left a part at bottom. We'll see it later. Leave it, as it is.

Step 6.

Well, here comes our snake. Draw rough guidelines to mark the outer structure of snake. snake's head is easy to draw. but you can always use two ovals, big on top and small on bottom, and connect them. And as you can see, the space we left is being u   

Step 7.

In this step, we'll draw his eyes. But first, we'll draw a curve to separate his head from mouth. Then we'll draw out his eyes and fangs, and also the jaw line.

Step 8.

well, time to remove the unwanted lines here.

Step 9.

now on the left eye draw two circles, one in another, at the top side of eye. do the same on the other one. now we'll come to our snake, and draw the scales on his head.

Step 10.

Follow the image and draw scales on his whole body. and we are finished here. well i hope u enjoyed it a lot. will be back with more fun. all suggestions are heartedly welcome..

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Artist: AnArmA
Date Added: February 7, 2010
Steps: 10
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Description: Hey there all my fellow artists. Here's a snake skull for you. I have come up with a simple steps as I can assume. Well its just a reference image for you. You can always add up creative ideas of your own. On a tip for our beginners, always try to first sketch up light lines, till you think you have got your image, so that the unwanted ones can be further erased. Well, here we begin...