Draw a Dragon


Let's start this fantastical tutorial that shows you to draw a dragon. Of course as you know you will need to draw some basic guidelines and steps to form a workable frame for your dragon. Sketch the shape of the dragons head and then add the two sim   


This step is less intense. All you have to do is start sketching out the snout of the dragon as well as draw out the slithering tongue. Once that is done you can also begin drawing the hard bone like armor that this dragon has over the front part of    


Continue to sketch out the shape ans style of the dragons face and be sure to draw the spiked frills around the jaw, and then the chin. You will also need to draw in some really bold and sharp looking horns. Add some detailing to the tip of the nose    


Now that you have drawn most of the dragon face you will add an eye and then continue to draw the shape of the large bold neck. The back of the neck needs to drawn with frills as well but this time make them long and pointy. Sketch out the shape of t   


Continue to detail the shape of the neck and then sketch out the shapes of the front legs as well as the hind leg that is hidden behind him. Once that is complete you will sketch out the legs in more detail before you proceed onto the next step. See    


You are already almost done with this lesson. What you will be working on here is the back end of this warrior looking beast. Start sketching out the hind leg and be sure to add the clawed toes as well. You will then sketch out the massive shape of t   


Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do is sketch out the shape and style of the wings and then add some detailing and definition as well. Once the wings are done you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step   


This is what your dragons come out looking like when you are done with this lesson on "how to draw a dragon step by step". I will meet you all back here later, until then peace out and happy trails.

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November 13, 2009

Description: I had so much fun yesterday drawing live with you all that joined me. I am about to submit my first drawing tutorial of the day, but I wanted to say that I missed all my friends and DragoArt buddies. To start the day I will be submitting a lesson that will teach you to “draw a dragon” step by step. As you know by now drawing dragons is one of my favorite things to do as far as sketching fantasy creatures. Dragons are a big part of my skills and I am glad that someone requested another dragon drawing tutorial because it enables me to get the rusty feel from my fingers and or hands. I had an awesome time sketching out this dragon, and my main goal was to make it look bold, and more like a warrior than anything else. Drawing dragons can be a fun way to express your creative mind set when thinking of a new way to dress your new dragon creation. I for one, drew black metal plates on the claws of the dragons front talons. As for the head, I drew a bone like head plate that conveys the image of a warrior dragon. Some really cool dragons can be seen in several of my favorite movies that I have watched over time. One of my favorite dragons is from the movie “Eragon”. That was by far the neatest looking dragon that I have seen in a movie in a while. There are other movies too that have some really cool dragons like “Dungeons and Dragons”, and “Dragon Wars”. I think you will find that this tutorial teaches you to “draw a dragon” in detail enabling you to draw any form of dragon you wish whether it be a cartoon dragon, anime dragon, or even a chibi dragon. I will be back later with more drawing fun, so try and stay tuned in to see what pops up next. Peace out guys and happy drawing!

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