How to Draw a Asian Dragon


Start by drawing a circle shape for the Asian dragons head as you see here and add the facial guidelines. Next draw a long squiggly line for the dragons body of motion. Once that is done you will draw three more circle shapes for the three flowers th   


Start this second step by drawing out the beginning shapes for the Asian dragon's face structure as you see here. Next draw the complete shape of the dragon body that will show how thick the dragon is and how long.


Draw the long horns on the dragons head and then sketch out the detail and definition on the dragons face which consist of the eyes, brow, nostrils and mouth line. Next draw the shapes of the body spikes and or horns.


Draw the belly of the Asian dragon and make sure you add the scale line horizontal lines. Next sketch out the shape of the wispy leaf to the left and then start the lining for the upper right flower.


Finish the design of the fully bloomed rose and then sketch in definition and detail in the center as you see here. Next start sketching out the other fully bloomed flower and wispy leaf that you see here right in the left middle of the dragons body.   


Sketch out the thorned vines that are wrapping around the lower part of the Asian dragons body and then start sketching out the other fully bloomed rose that is located to the lower left hand side. This is also going to be the biggest flower as well.   


All you have to do in your last drawing step is sketch out the tip of the Asian dragons tail and then finish sketching out the flowers vines as you see here. Once that is complete you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in s   


Here is what your finished drawing comes out looking like when you are done. You can print this step out and use it for tattoo stencil, or you can take your sketched drawing and use that instead. I had fun with this lesson on "how to draw a Asian dra   

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September 27, 2009

Description: I am so excited to be uploading this next tutorial that I started to draw live yesterday but unfortunately the live stream kept crashing on me. Everyone has heard of Chinese and Japanese dragons right? Well what about Asian or oriental dragons? I know that they are all the same because Chinese, and Japanese fall under the Asian culture. This next tutorial that I am about to submit, will show you a really pretty tattoo design that I sketched out and drew yesterday. It is going to be on “how to draw a Asian dragon tattoo design step by step". There is nothing better than drawing your own tattoo designs before you go to a tattoo parlor. My cousin always tells people that they should sketch out a drawing describing what they are looking for as a tattoo before they come in and see him. He urges people to do this even if you are a person that doesn’t know how to draw. If you draw your design on paper, you can take it to the tattoo parlor and talk about your design with your tattoo artist. I drew my version of an Asian dragon with a bunch of flowers and thorned vines wrapping around the beasts body. I think it came out pretty epic, and I also think that you guys will have a blast learning “how to draw an Asian dragon step by step”. I have to separate myself from this tutorial right now because there is more lessons that need to be submitted. I will be back momentarily so keep an eye out for my return. Peace out gang, have fun, and happy drawing!

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