Draw a Doctor Who Weeping Angel


Begin by drawing the guidelines and shapes for the frame of your weeping angel statue.


Here you will begin drawing out the shape of the statue's face using the guide you just made.


Go ahead and draw the shapes of the large expressive eyes followed by the brows and under eye detailing. Draw the mouth and sharp looking teeth as well as the tongue. Color inside the hollow part of the mouth.


We will now draw the shape of the head in the style of the hairdo. Add the band to create a hair bun and then the wavy lines for the bangs.


What you will do here is draw the stubby arms and then the hands which are in a growling pose.


Draw the simple bell shape for the body followed by the lining that separates the top from bottom.


Okay, let's finish off the drawing by giving this weeping angel some wings. Erase the mistakes and guides.


The line art looks like the drawing you see here. All you have to do now is color it in.

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December 27, 2020

Description: Hello once again everyone and welcome back to another lesson here on the Hub of all drawing places, DragoArt. To start the day I will be uploading a tut on how to draw a Doctor Who Weeping Angel, step by step. This was a really fun concept to tackle and recreate. As you can see the angel in this lesson is on the small side and that's because it's a chibi weeping angel. So not only will you learn how to draw Doctor Who's weeping Angel, it will be in chibi drawing style. I will be back soon so stick around. Adios amigos.

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