Decim From Death Parade Drawing Lesson

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Make one round shape for the head guide and then sketch in the facial guidelines. You will also draw the shoulder lines as well.


Here you will draw in his hairstyle which is shaggy with long bangs that cover almost both his eyes. Once the razor ends are drawn you can proceed to step three.


Add some detailing to the top of his hairstyle and then draw in the shape of his chiseled face structure. Don't forget to draw the nose and mouth followed by the one visible eye that has dark liner on.


The face and head is done. Draw the neck shape and then define the shape of his torso starting with the shoulders. Add the shirt collar and then draw in his bow tie. Add some buttons and seam lines as well.


Lastly, draw in the ear lobes and then erase the mistakes and guides that you made throughout the lesson.


Here is the line art folks. Now you can go ahead and color in your drawing of Decim before you show it off.

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October 27, 2015

Description: When folks ask me to make anime characters based on popular shows or manga, I always get excited because lately, the requests have been on figures I have not heard of which sometimes brings nice surprises to my art plate. That is the case with this submission on how to draw Decim who is from the anime 'Death Parade'. Now I am not familiar with Death Parade as I don't do much anime watching or reading anymore. I mainly just draw, listen to music and relax or travel when I can. This character though is a very serious one. He is a bartender at Quindecim, which is a bar located on the fifteenth floor. Anyways, that is all. Have fun with drawing Decim and I will be back soon.

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